Why Bill?

It’s about the kids!

School district leadership is all about providing the best educational opportunities for each and every student. It’s vital to take into account unique individual learning styles, language learners, Special Ed students, GATE-identified students and all others.

When we provide best educational practices for each of these populations in an inclusive environment, we find that best practices for specific groups will tend to benefit learning for all students. Therefore, all students benefit from learning with and from each other in inclusive schools.

The ultimate goal of the school district is the safety of every member of the Conejo Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) — students, site and district personnel, and parents. Safety includes physical, social and emotional safety. So we need to ensure campus and other district property sites are secure and safe from outside and unauthorized intruders and from any weapons brought onto campus. All of our students need to feel emotionally and socially safe as well as physically safe.

The CVUSD must continue to work on reducing the student/counselor ratio by continuing to provide students more counseling services.

Every student in the district needs to feel valued, respected and welcomed into our schools and I believe that the experience I can bring to the board will help accomplish this goal.