The WHY, the HOW, and the WHAT

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 12.30.04 PMI am going to write this blog in two parts. One to share my enthusiasm for what I am doing and the other to take care of a responsibility.

This morning I attended an event that was billed as a candidate training. During the first part, the amazing facilitator prompted us to reflect on why we are running.

I am running for Conejo Valley Unified School District school board to encourage district staff to provide programs and policies that will give each individual student the opportunity to grow and discover their passions. I am excited about being a board member and observing CVUSD students participating in Career/Technical Education (CTE) programs where they are growing their career skills. I look forward to seeing social and emotional health programs where students will learn to understand themselves better and respect others. I look forward to seeing students use critical thinking skills and creativity as they collaborate and communicate their thoughts in passionate, thought-provoking classroom discussions. I look forward to seeing preschoolers’ eyes widen with enlightenment and adult school students learning in programs that are enriching their lives every day! Warning to principals and directors: I will ask your permission to come to your campuses frequently to observe our students in your quality programs! This is to observe the sheer joy of learning in Conejo’s great programs!

Now for the responsibility: Those of you who are excited about my joining our board, the second part of this morning’s program was – how do we make this happen? To ensure I get on the board this fall, it is going to take a “Cheers” environment, where everybody knows my name! Today’s seminar said yard signs don’t accomplish this. Even being in the newspaper only partially gets my name out. The most effective way to get my name out? MAILERS! Mailers will remind everybody what I stand for and help to get out the vote! Yes…ironically enough, the most effective way to campaign is also the most expensive.

Recently, when I announced my official filing of my candidacy, I received a lot of positive feedback and support and I appreciate that support so much! If it is important to you for me to be on the board, I humbly ask you to go to my fundraising platform, and join the team by helping me buy mailers to send out to the community.

If you are reading this, you are already following me. Thank you. Please share my website and Facebook page with your friends in the community. Let’s do this together! Thanks!


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